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Even better images optimisation ?

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hello !

    I was wondering if you could implement an even better images optimisation tool with maybe the ability to chose between lossy or lossless compression.

    I’m using this tool (GPL v2) on my mac : which is great. I’ve discovered that there was a fork (that I’m planing to use in my server for other applications) that could (maybe) be integrated in Publii : (MIT license)

    Just to let you know, with this tool (lossless compression) I gain between 8 and 40%, more than 50% on one pic, (on already optimised when submitted images) for the thumbnails (and other formats) generated with Publii. If I try with a 80% compression format (which is pretty enough for most websites) my gain is between 40 and 70% (which is a lot !)

    This is just an idea… it could be maybe a good idea to add webp compatibility… It’s just a suggestion as Publii seems to be a more and more seo friendly tool.