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Events Calendar Widget/Plugin

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    Has anyone had success implementing a calendar widget/plugin/function on Publii?

    It can be a third party app, but it would be nice to intergrate directly into Publii since Publii already has a date and time function, as well as the ability to create custom post templates.

    My idea is to create an #event tag that uses a custom post template. Ideally the event date would be based on the Publish date, but since Publii doesn’t allow for future dates, a custom post editor config with a date field could be created. The custom events calendar post type could also have a map location function, and “save to Calendar”. These last two functions, though, are a nice to have.

    What I’m really looking for, though, is a way to display these custom event posts with the #event tag as a clickable calendar, with week, month, and agenda views.

    I know Google calendar can be embedded on a website, but I’m looking for something that could be styled to match my site’s look and feel.

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    Reviving this post because I’m still wondering about this, but I also found a widget which can allow for a bit more style customization than a simple Google Calendar embed:

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    Back for another update:

    I found a widget that is free and open source called Open Web Calendar. It takes in <span class=”translation”> Nextcloud, Outlook, Google Calendar, Meetup and other calendar systems using the ICS standard, and generates an iframe that you can easily embed to Publii posts (make sure to add <code class=”EnlighterJSRAW” data-enlighter-language=”generic”>data-responsive=”false”, per the docs</span><span id=”translate-about” class=”translation”>).</span>


    Source code:

    The only downside is that the calendars aren’t entirely responsive on mobile, but the calendar is customizable with CSS.