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External image service (like Cloudinary)

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    Hi Guys – love the project…I’ve been on a WordPress -> Jekyll -> Ghost -> Gadsby -> Publii journey and Publii is such a refreshing change to dealing with the command line timesuck. It’s the perfect solution for my one-man set up.

    With all the other CMS’s I use Cloudinary to serve images dynamically from a CDN. This doesn’t seem to be an option yet so I’m wondering if you have any docs relating to developing plugins or could give me any pointers where to start developing something to work with the Publii image processing functions.

    I’ll be happy to share anything I get to work via Github.

    Many thanks,

    Ps. As a native English speaker if you share your docs in some form of repo I’d be happy to help make corrections.

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    We have an issue for this kind of functionality

    Do you think that adding options where user can specify a CDN domain/path for specific types of files will be enough?

    Regarding documentation – we are working on an internal solution which will allow us to store Publii posts and some config/assets on the Github repository and then sync them in the site in Publii so I do hope that at the beginning of the next year, Publii docs will be fully available and editable for the community 🙂

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    Hi Tomasz,

    Yes – that would be fine for me. Frankly, any option is better than nothing at this stage 🙂

    I’ve only been using Publii for a couple of days and I’ve already got to grips with the config and creating custom admin settings so I’d planned to hack something together for my own purposes. Something like: “cloudinarystub stored in config + filename of uploaded image”. I’ll then manually make sure the image is in cloudinary. Of course this is really messy but it could give me what I want for now.

    I’ve posted a link to the Ghost storage adapter in your Github issue in case that’s any use for you.

    I’ll keep my eye open for the docs.