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Feature request idea

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    Just realised that Chrome v78 web browser can force dark mode on any website. So I thought I would try it with my current Publii website that uses the fantastic Editorial theme. Dark mode of course can provide significant power savings when using your device battery, and can be more restful for our eyes.

    For now, here’s how to force dark mode on Chrome. We first make sure Google Chrome has been updated to v78. Next, in the Address / URL box, copy and paste “chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark” (without the quotes), then set it to “Enabled”.

    Amazingly, when using the Editorial theme, dark mode in Google Chrome displays perfectly! Plus, when running a quick performance test using the recommended “File” > “New Incognito Window” command, the initial test results are outstanding: check out the attached screenshot.

    So for me, it’s no surprise that using Publii in combination with superbly designed themes like Editorial, must surely offer one of the best website solutions around today for Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows.

    Possible Theme feature idea: how great to be able to include a switch on a Publii website front end to allow users to instantly jump to and from dark mode should they choose.

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    Quick update …

    Yes, I’m aware that the Publii “Editorial” theme does need a few visual tweaks to display properly in dark mode (bullet points, check boxes, selections, etc).

    So, clearly, a simple switch to dark mode would not be sufficient, without also including the additional tweaks to the theme (and other themes). So maybe too much of a big ask.

    However, fingers crossed.

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    I think there are two way we can do this:

    One, we can use javascript libraries, such as ( there are many, so pls check themm out).

    Second, this is what I have though of. If you look at the editorial theme, there are Multiple Colour Schemes. A few examples of dark mode:

    For this, i need to create a toggle button to switch color ( write a js code).

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    Thank you for the feedback and info. I’ll explore further.

    Plus, as you point out, the dark theme already exists for Editorial theme: well spotted – I completely missed that  🙂