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[Feature Request] Matomo plugin

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Are there any plans to provide a matomo plugin as well? I use Matomo for several websites as Google Analytics alternative and currently think about migrating the sites to Publii.

    Would be great to have the opportunity here to use matomo as analytics tool with Publii.

    Avatar photoBob

    Hi tbsv,

    I have prepared the initial integration with the Matomo service. Could you test the attached plugin?
    I will be very grateful.

    Plugin file: matomoAnalyticsIntegratio

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hi Bob,

    thanks a lot for sharing the initial integration with me. I was able to test the plugin and on first sight it looks like working as expected. I integrated on one site and was able to see the analytics in the matomo dashboard afterwards.

    I’m not sure if all subpage visits were requested successfully, but at least homepage got tracked.

    What are your next plan with the plugin now?

    Best regards,

    Avatar photoBob

    Thanks for testing it. Now I will publish it in our marketplace.