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Featured and posts images not responsive in the xml feed

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    The responsive images option is on but still the featured images and post images are not responsive in the xml rss feed which generates the feedburner email newsletter for my subscribers. The images which have more than around 825px width go out of the right edge almost 50% in the xml feed. In fact, the headings padding-bottom, etc are also non-existent in the xml feed. Is there a way I can add css specifically for the xml feed specifically in the custom css? Taste theme and latest Publii. Thanks.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Or can you please set the xml feed to use smaller width (around 500px) versions of the images so that they fit into the feed and feed email container by width?

    Also if we center the post images, they go even more out of the right edge in the xml feed and the feedburner email newsletters.