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Few feature requests and doubts

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    I have used Publii to build a site and it was really very easy! Thank you very much for this wonderful project! 🙂  Only thing I found a bit problematic is collaboration. I have a few requests. I don’t know how feasible they are, so do correct me!

    (1) For collaboration, I am thinking about syncing input folder using git.

    • Set a central git server (Github, Gitlab or your own).
    • When clicking ‘sync website’ –
      • check repository
      • fetch and merge if there is a new file
      • build website
      • upload both

    It would be great if we can sync with a normal server. I know the chances of having file conflict is high. However, I think it isn’t that difference from Dropbox sync. So adding this feature is not that bad and IMHO, if this is added, please add a message to notify user to use git repo for syncing to get version control.

    P.S. There should be an ignore file for input folder.

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    (2) Currently, there is no local preview option. Adding that would be really helpful!

    (3) Ability to run scripts/filters before building. Should have add/delete, enable/disable and execution order options. It should also be able to run on input files without building.

    (4) Please add another field for writers/editors. Person who writes article and the author are sometimes different and thus, hard to track who edited what. They won’t get author pages and will only be shown internally.

    (5) Set custom keyboard shortcuts for editor buttons.

    (6) WordPress comment tags are not removed from imported wp files. (Implementing (3) would solve this!)

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    A few questions:

    1. My local translation of weekdays are wrong! How can I set custom names?
    2. ‘—‘ & return => horizontal line. Can I add new ones like this?

    Hmm, I forgot some questions. Will post here when I remember ’em.

    Best Regards 🙂