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Folders and files within file manager. – Seriously Confused!

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    I open a site in Publii and go to the file manager. Under media/files I hade two directories, ebooks and images. Each directory on the HD has files within it. I clicked on ebooks and/or images and it would not drill-down to see these file. After messing around a bit, I deleted the ebooks and images directory. After closing Publii, I reopened it and under media/files, ebooks and images are still there. I poked around and cannot figure out why it is still coming up with these directories.

    The ultimate goal is to use the images within the images directory and link them to files within the ebooks directory for “download” which is an option.


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    Here is more detail.


    I was not able to drill down on ebooks and images. I decided to delete them. You can see they are gone.


    And yet, they still show. I wanted to organize ebook files and ebook images. Since I could not drill down into ebooks and images to access my files, I uploaded the images and ebooks into media/files as you can see in the Publii file manager image above.

    Since I can only upload 4 images, I will continue with another bug in my next post.

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    Subdirectories in file manager are not supported at this moment – the catalogs are displayed only for the debugging purpose, because we had many situations where people have directory with the same name as post slug what caused many conflicts with the rendering process (directories overrided posts).

    We will come back to this topic in the future.

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    Cheers Tomasz!!