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Forum Limitations

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    Avatar photocandidexmedia

    Hi Publii team,

    I’ve spent some time over the past year learning and sharing my knowledge on this forum. I really appreciate all the gems found here and how everyone helps each other out.

    That said, the WordPress platform used to host this forum presents a number of challenges:

    • Unable to save/favourite posts
    • Unable to view the posts you’ve made
    • Unable to view all of a user’s posts
    • No general email updates about forum discussions
    • Unable to mention users or view which posts mentioned you
    • Unable to DM other users
    • Adding code snippets can be a hassle. Often times, the code gets deleted, or doesn’t post properly. I’ve resorted to creating a Gist and posting the link
    • Unable to edit/amend/delete posts after a certain time, and no post edit history
    • Missing Markdown features
    • Difficult to embed images, GIFs, videos to assist in the explanation and assistance
    • If you’ve had the forum open for some time and write a post, the post doesn’t go through because you were signed out unknowingly
    • Unable to react to/upvote posts
    • Limited post filtering/sorting options
    • Unable to view context of quote replies (especially for posts with lots of replies)
    • No email replies
    • No community moderation tools

    As the community grows, these features become more and more important. Are there any plans to switch to a more capable forum platform?

    I’ve used Discourse for other open source communities, and it’s a solid contender. It’s open-source, and the hosted version even has a free plan for open source projects (although, data migration only exists in their paid plans).

    Although discussion platforms like Reddit, Discord, Telegram, and Matrix are nice, they wouldn’t be a good fit for this use case.

    Avatar photocandidexmedia

    Another limitation: unable to reference or create bi-directional links between posts

    Avatar photocandidexmedia

    Noticed another limitation today: I uploaded an image called “Capture.PNG”, and when I clicked on “Insert into content”, a different image is published from what I attached and uploaded.

    Here’s an example:


    Notice how the image above and the image I attached are different…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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