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Full synchronization

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    I just switched my site from private hosting to Amazon S3.
    Since then, every time I update my site, the synchronization is total. For example, I just created 6 new posts and when I launch the synchronization, my entire site is sent back to S3, that is to say more than 14000 files.
    What’s happening… ?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Which version of Publii you are using? Regarding these 14000 files – these are only HTML files or there are also all media files? Also files.publii.json file exists on your bucket and has proper permissions to be readed by Publii?

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    I use Publii Version: 0.40.3 (build 15745).

    14000 fils = all files, not only html

    files.publii.json is nt present on S3… How is it possible ?

    Thanks for your help

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    It is an issue with Publii being unable to post the files.publii.jason file. If you manually post it, you can sync with far fewer files.

    See the case that I opened:

    No one is giving this one much priority.

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    The issue seems to be connected with some specific configurations – for the public buckets the issue not exists.

    As publii.files.json stores only checksum I will consider to use the same ACLs as for other files so it will be possible to store it in the same way as other files. Also I will check if it is possible to use bucket default ACLs to avoid conflicts with bucket ACLs and these used by Publii during upload.

    It should cover most of the cases.

    At this moment the only temporary solution is to manually upload publii.files.json to avoid resync of all files. The fix will be available in ~2-3 weeks with Publii v.0.41 planned for mid of October 2022.

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    Fix added: will be included in v.0.41

    Since this version Publii will use the same ACLs for all uploaded files.

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    Thank you for your consideration of this anomaly. I look forward to the correction.