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Gallery – improving gallery handling

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]


    I would have a few suggestions to improve the usage of the galleries (and I do hope I haven’t overlooked this is possible already).

    • Editing/Order of images in a gallery
      • If I want to change the order of images I have to
        • either click the up/down arrow until the image has reached the final position or
        • I can drag an image and move it up/down. This works basically but scrolling in the relatively small “Insert/Edit Gallery” window (where you can add images) doesn’t work too smooth.
        • An easier drag and drop approach would be good.
    • IPTC Daten
      • In an external image editing tool I’m used to add all the image caption data and then exporting it for further usage. Unfortunately I didn’t find a way to have the gallery recognize and use the IPTC caption data. I think that would be useful in general.
    • Protect against “Right-Click”
      • I (personally) would like to have the possibility of a protect against download rsp against “Right-Click” so that people can not simply download images.

    Many thanks and kind regards