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{{#getPostsByTags}} don’t works in P. 0.43

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    Avatar photogpsblues

    this code works perfectly in P. 0.42 and returns a list of featured posts into a HTML section:

    {{#getPostsByTags (concatenate "count=50&tag_as=id&allowed=featured&orderby=" @config.custom.landingOrderBy "&ordering=" @config.custom.landingOrdering)}}
       {{> landing}}

    In P. 0.43 the result are an empty HTML section.

    To update the website I was forced to downgrade 🙁

    Avatar photoTomasz Dziuda


    Yes I can confirm this bug – it will be fixed in v.0.43.1:

    In the meantime you can just add excluded_status=foo – this should solve your issue

    Problem occurs when you are using allowed with value different than any and empty or not defined excluded_status

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    Avatar photogpsblues

    Hi Tomasz,

    adding “excluded_status=foo” to the string fixes the problem.

    Thank you


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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