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Google Analytics Tracking ID

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I see the field under the Settings/Advanced Options/AMP is reserved for the Google Analytics Tracking ID.

    Am I correct in understanding that this is the only place I need to put the GA Tracking ID for site-wide analytics collection?

    All I enter is the string beginning with UA-XXXXXXXXX-X, and that’s good…is that correct?

    Avatar photoBob


    This is an additional option dedicated to AMP pages only.
    To add GA on your website insert the tracking code via Custom HTML tool.

    PS: please do not use our logomark as an avatar.

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    [anonymous] wrote:

    PS: please do not use our logomark as an avatar.

    Jesus Christ.

    P.S.: I’ll never show my enthusiasm for Publii again.

    Avatar photoBob

    No offense.
    This can be a bit confusing to people who may think you belong to a support team.