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Google Cloud Sync issue

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    Since I changed the domain of my computer, I’m no longer able to sync websites to Google Cloud.

    (Netlify, on the other hand, gives no issues.)

    How should I go about troubleshooting this issue? I don’t receive any error messages. When I click ‘Test connection’, Publii just keeps on trying and nothing happens. Is there some log file I could check? Any manual tests I could do?

    I already tried generating a second JSON key and working with this one, but no luck.

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    Actually, this has nothing to do with my computer.

    I re-installed the previous version of Publii (0.37.2) and the issue disappeared.

    In version 0.37.3 the Google Cloud sync is broken.

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    Hi Mathias – could you check if the problem still appear after upgrading again to Publii v.0.37.3?

    Because as I remember we did not any critical changes to the Google Cloud for a long time.

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    Hi Tomasz,

    Unfortunately, I installed 37.3 again after your comment, and faced the same issue.

    Reinstalled 37.2 and the problem is solved.

    If you want, I’ll be happy to do a Teams or Teamviewer session with you, to show and allow you to do troubleshooting.


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    I will try to debug this issue over the weekend and then we will see if I need more support from your side 🙂 Thank you for your proposition by the way 🙂