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Google Cloud – We need new instructions

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    Hi all,

    not very technical, however, I am pretty good at following instructions and would like to think that I followed documentation here to the letter:  – you can tell though that the console is different now compared to when this guide was made (steps would look a little different)

    However, when testing the connection, it just hangs.

    Can someone do a walkthrough of how to set it up? It’s driving me nuts lol


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    Hi @jamiemck,

    To be honest – if you are not a technical person – just try other deployment environment 😀 Really 🙂 I am a developer, but Google Cloud UI even for me is very hard to use and also it changes sometimes very often so it is hard to maintenance the tutorial up to date. Also as I suppose only small part of Publii users uses it at all 🙂