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Google only indexes logo and hero images

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    I created my website with my own domain 8 days ago and I see that all the images of the hero have been indexed in google images but none of the posts are indexed.

    I have created two sitemaps (a second to index the images that were not detected on my main page) that are validated in the google search console.

    I have the lazy-loading tag on all the images so it has something to do with it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. My website is

    Doing this search on google images doesn´t show any images from the post


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    Some thoughts:

    • Suggest, don’t have both http:// and https:// versions of a website active at the same time. Ideally today, only have https://. Redirect the http:// version to https://. Why: http:// is not considered secure.
    • Google might just be taking its time. You might just need to be more patient.
    • Get some back-links from other websites in Google to the posts on: — that might kick-start Google indexing.
    • Don’t have another similar website (for example: one ending with .io) with the same images as on the other posts.

    Hope it helps.

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    I’ve tried to reply to the post but couldn’t post it. Thank you very much for the comment. I still have the same problems I have tried to solve everything you tell me. It is already https I made a mistake when writing it.

    On the other hand, the images that I am trying to get indexed are unique, with unique exif information and unique “alt”. I don’t know what problem I may be having, maybe it’s something in the css

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    Thinking further about the problem you’re having. The following thoughts may be completely wrong, so please do check yourself. Not business advice 🙂

    Perhaps Google is (over)reacting to the 3 hyphens in your domain name: So that the home page gets indexed but other web pages might be considered as getting an unfair advantage over other users — especially Google AdWords customers. Just a thought.

    For a while, some years ago, using hyphens in domain names was used quite successfully. Then Google seemed to change its ranking algorithm. Maybe Google discovered that some multiple-hyphenated domain names would always ‘outvote’ their own Google AdWords customers.

    Perhaps today, you might get away with a single hyphen (maybe). Plus of course, Google is constantly changing and tweaking how they rank websites, so what was acceptable last year, say, may have problems in 2022.

    The following sources might help further:

    Hope it helps.

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    First of all thank you very much for the answer.

    The truth is that I was not aware that google could consider the domain spam for containing more than two hyphens. I read about this yesterday and the sky fell on me hahaha. I will consider changing it as I am hosting on Netlify and have only had the domain for 1 month but had bought it for 3 years. The truth is that I am quite new to positioning issues

    The truth is that something quite strange happens. The first days all the pages were indexed (including the 5 blog articles) with their respective hero images (the others were never indexed), 11 pages. As the days have gone by, they have been disappearing when doing the search site:https….

    It is true that I am noticing that especially in “google images” I am well positioned according to my keywords but at the web level not too well.

    Perhaps the most drastic solution is to change the domain since there are many hyphens between the main domain and subdomains.

    I have noticed that in Google Search Console it shows me an error loading some images, I don’t know if it has something to do with it, I attach an image.

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    Thanks for the updates.

    A glance at the various names of your website images often shows the same keywords that also appear in your domain name. Perhaps coupled with the multiple hyphens / dashes used in the domain name, I suppose it’s possible for Google Search algorithm to automatically block the pages from their index, and therefore not list images either.

    Plus maybe if your image names are too long or appear to be stuffed with keywords (that often also appear in your domain name), perhaps this kind of thing can cause problems for your website.

    Maybe double-check meta descriptions and image alt text too. Good luck, fingers crossed.