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Google webmaster issue | Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]


    I have submitted a website to google search console recently. After few days later, google email me  that “your website’s Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’, that’s why webpage were not been indexed.”
    After a while, I checked the page that google mentioned, all are “tag” page. Then I checked within Publii desktop(along with individual page and publii setting) , but I found that the page mentioned by Google are marked “index and follow” in publii.

    I tried many thing to solve the problem, but i can’t able to solve, I don’t know whether  it is a internal bug issue of publii or I have misconfigured something. Is anyone experiencing the same issue except me? Or can anyone help me to solve the problem?

    Avatar photoBob

    I think there must be another reason for that. If you set the index, follow in Publii it should work. Maybe the robots.txt blocks the access to these pages?