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Headings get applied to whole post in the WYSIWYG editor

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    I use headings a lot in my articles to increase the graspability of different sections and to create curiosity to read what is coming next.

    When I change a line (separated by a line space on the top and bottom) to make it into a heading, the whole post turns into the heading.

    How I get around this is by pressing enter again above and below that line and then when I apply the heading to that line, it only transforms that line into a heading. It works mostly but sometimes even this might not work. But then I have to delete the extra line spaces above and below carefully by manually putting my cursor at specific places otherwise again the heading ends being applied to the whole post or lost totally.

    I hope this can be reproduced at your end. If this can fixed, it will be a great time-saver for all of us Publii writers. Thanks.

    This is happening on the Publii version on the latest MacOS version.

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    Is anyone able to reproduce this? Is this a bug in the Tiny editor? Thanks.

    Avatar photoBob

    If you change the line with SHIFT + ENTER you do not create new paragraphs and the heading will be applied to the whole text.

    Use the ENTER only to create a new line (paragraph) and this way it will work as it should.

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    @NitaaiKymar it’s happen to me too but only when I format the text after writing it and/or a cut and past

    From what I understand, it’s because the style is apply by block and in your case it is a unique block (look in the HTML)