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help needed for editing image paths in html and the database

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    the goal is to put all images in a single folder both locally and on the remote server, however i’m having trouble figuring out what the paths need to be both in the html editor and the database

    locally i dump the images in /input/media/files/

    the problem is that i’m restoring a website using raw, clean, html and pasting the code in publii, so an image URL looks like:

    however when syncing, file:/// is not changed to the domain (plus one of the slashes are removed) and thus all the urls are broken


    so the Q is, for image urls, what url needs to be pasted in the html editor so that the image is available locally in the wysiwyg editor and as src=”” on the server?

    …and how do i correct the paths in the database because, for my example, i’m seeing urls like “#DOMAIN_NAME#img.png” without any path


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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