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Heroimages/-section much bigger size at phone or phonesized browser window

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]


    When I define a hero image or use simple text for the hero section, the image or the plain hero section switch to much bigger size/ height in a mobile phne browser or a with the webbrowser window changed to phone size width.

    I observe this behaviour in both Melissa V1.6.0.0 and Massively V1.1.7.0 and in all plattforms an webbrowsers.

    Is this a bug or can I chang this behaviour by custom css, so that I can use a defined height also on phone browsers.

    Cheers Thomas

    Avatar photoBob

    ​This free support area is not available for commercial products; instead please use a  dedicated Premium Support

    In terms of Massively theme, play with the min-height value for the #intro container:

    @media screen and (max-width:736px) {
       #intro {