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Hide Posts From Author Page Only

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    Is there a way to exclude posts from the author page, hide specific tags from an author page, or is there a way to not attach an author to a post?

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    Helps to know which Publii theme you’re using. But as an example, in the Simple theme, you can just turn off a few settings in the theme Custom Settings, then all posts don’t show any author details.

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    I’m using the blank template that I customized. My goal is not to turn off details in a post or disable the author function, I want to filter out posts from being displayed on the authors page. I thought to filter it out based on what tags the posts have {{#checkIf ‘==’ ‘Blog’}} but it will completely mess up the pagination and post count with this solution. Now a easier solution is to check “Hide Post” for the posts I don’t want to show on the authors page but this also removes the posts from showing up on tag pages which I wanted to keep. There is a “Exclude from homepage” option in the post settings and I need something like “Exclude from author page”. My current solution is to create a Admin author with a custom template that will get the posts that are not blog posts but still use the tags feature. Honestly I’m using the tags more like categories which is what I should be using if that was a feature.

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    (continuing from my previous post) Actually now that I think about it tags serve the same purpose as categories and we can apply more importance to the first tag, so no we don’t need a category feature that is basically just tags named differently.

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    Perhaps try perfecting what you want to do by adapting one of the existing themes first — the Simple theme should be sufficient for this exercise. So if you could adjust and adapt the Simple theme to meet your needs, maybe then you could port over / replicate the relevant parts into your Blank theme template.

    Though of course if you do make changes, you might want to make sure your changes stay in place when Publii and / or a theme gets updated, so Publii theme overrides can help:

    Might also be worth double-checking the features lists in all the existing Publii themes at: Why: you might find there’s one that is already close to what you want to do, so could save you some time.