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Hierarchical Tags

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    Avatar photoaethralis

    Hi! I searched and found no mention of this, however I would be interested if there is a way to organize tags hierarchically? So e.g. that I have one tag that specifies people and it includes tags of different people.

       Person A
       Person B
       Person C

    So if I have a “People” tag page, it lists not articles but tags “Person A”, “Person B” etc. Only after I go to “Person A” tag page, I get the list of articles associated with “Person A”.

    I try to organize many articles (ca 600) with tags and as I have some 100 tags altogether it becomes a bit overwhelming. I understand that Publii is more geared towards smaller websites, but as I plan not to update often, then such static site seems to work otherwise well for me.

    Avatar photoBob

    This is not possible at the moment and I am afraid we are not planning to implement it in the near future.

    Do you appreciate the support you've received today? If so, consider donating to the Publii team by clicking here; we'll be sure to use your donation to make Publii even better!

    Avatar photoaethralis

    Thanks for letting me know.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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