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How can I add a simple contact form?

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    Hello everyone,

    is there planned feature in this regard? My webhoster offers php, but I’m completely lost how to implement a solution. Tried all day without success.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Hi Chris,

    i use php mailer. I have no privacy problems with it. It works fine and with the right settings you don’t get any spam. There are many good scripts for this on the internet. I can put mine together for you, but I won’t be able to do that until the beginning of this week.

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    Hi !

    Thanks for your response. That would be great. There are many, but I can’t estimate which one is good and many don’t have the option for spam protection (what is needed here/practical?)

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    Hi, oh, I just saw that I wrote a post about this over a year ago. Among them are also many other suggestions:

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    I highly recommend checking out the post <span class=”f-author-name”>RJungwirth</span> shared. I personally really love FormSubmit because it’s unlimited, but there are a number of other options with free tiers, if you simply want to embed a static HTML form that POSTs info elsewhere:

    I’ve been using FormSubmit because it sends the responses to your email, and they have an option to use a special code so that your email isn’t exposed in the code.

    Here’s what I’ve been doing:

    1. Create a new WYSIWYG post where the form will live (and , optionally, create a separate thank-you page)
    2. Edit the HTML of the post
    3. Paste in the code that’s in the link here:
    4. In this line, change the “” for the email you would like to use (later, you’ll receive a code to replace this with so that you don’t have to use your email):
    <form target="_blank" action="" method="POST">

    Once you’ve published your site to your server, fill out the form and hit send. You’ll receive instructions to get you started.

    Most of the other static options work like this. For FormSubmit, I would also recommend checking their documentation to see how to redirect submissions to a thank-you page using “_next”.

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    Thanks for the link!

    The thing is that I need something self hosted. No third parties involved. There are a lot of PHP code snippets I could use, but none I’ve found so far have a decent spam protection. I don’t think the method of a hidden field is enough and I couldn’t find a good solution with some self hosted captcha. I don’t understand PHP enough yet to do that. It seems there is no other way though as to get more into it.

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    Thank candidexmedia. This tutorial is very helpful for me 💚