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How do you do math with checkIf helper?

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    I want to insert a div with a class of row every 3 posts pulled from {{#each posts}} for my grid system but I’m failing to figure out how to do it.

    Currently I’m using the following on my index page:

    {{#if featuredPosts}}
      {{#each featuredPosts}}
        {{#checkIf @index '==' 0}} 
    {{/checkIf}} {{#checkIf @index '==' 3}} 
    {{/checkIf}} {{#checkIf @index '==' 2}} 
    {{/checkIf}} {{#checkIf @index '==' 5}} 
    {{/checkIf}} {{/each}} {{/if}}

    Of course if the count doesn’t match up the will not be created which will create broken html. So I need to be able to get the featured posts count and do math inside of the checkIf helper for example: {{#checkIf {{math @index ‘/’ 3}} ‘==’  1}}. I tried this and I get an error.

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    Your syntax with math is invalid – you should try to use subexpressions syntax: – maybe it will help with your case

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    <header class="featured">
    {{#if featuredPosts}} {{#each featuredPosts}} {{#checkIf (math @index '%' 3) '==' 0}}
    {{/checkIf}} {{/each}} {{/if}}

    Thanks for the help, here is my final code in case anyone is interested.