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How is each site files structure (folder tree) on my computer?

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    Sorry if this question is already mentioned in the forum but I couldn’t find an answer to my question

    I noticed that Publii creates a lot of files and folders (input, output, preview…) on my computer

    When I sync my site on the web server (with Publii), some folders are automatically added/updated

    Some images are stored 3 times in various folders

    How does it works? What is the logic behind it?

    Is this described somewhere?

    Since I want to allow some specific users to download some specific files, I use an ftp client (like Filezilla for example) and I would like to know what files are needed and what files are optional

    Thank you for your help

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    Yes, media files can be duplicated in these 3 folders, but it is necessary to generate final files (output) used for sync, and preview files. Trying to use media files from the input directory can lead to many potential issues with paths etc. Also not all files can be included in the output/preview so it is the only way to store files in our app at this moment.

    input – website source files (it is necessary to regenerate website using Publii)

    preview – current preview of your website (if generated)

    output – final files (they have different paths/domains than preview so must exists as a separate catalog)