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How regenerate my site from the files downloaded from Netlify?

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    So I am new to Publii.

    I updated my computer to Mac Catalina and even though the apps are still there, like Publii, all the settings are gone.

    How can I continue working on the site that I have hosted on Netlify?
    I have all the site posts, but I did not make a backup.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Do you mean that Publii app disappeared after upgrade to macOS Catalina?

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    Wordfence is blocking my post!

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    Tomasz Dziuda wrote:


    Do you mean that Publii app disappeared after upgrade to macOS Catalina?

    Hi Tomaz;

    The app was there, but the saved sites were not, or downloaded themes, or any of the saved settings. It was like a brand new installation of the Publii app. It’s weird because this didn’t happen to other Softwares like Photoshop or such. I believe it has something to do with the fact that Publii uses the Documents folder by default. Upon upgrading to Mac Catalina, that folder was wiped off. Somehow it’ didn’t save in my iCloud either!

    But, is there any way to get everything back to normal by downloading the site from the server, or that’s it, and I have to start all over?

    If that’s the case, I believe it would be a good idea to automatically sync a copy of the configurations files to the server along with the site we are uploading.

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    Finally went through. So yeah…just so you know, that wordfence app i=is blocking the posts here on the forum, it took me like 10 tries before I was able to send that! I could be getting a 404, potentially unsafe activities have been detected.
    I don’t even have adblock enable for this site!

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    Please check if in fact the Documents/Publii catalog is empty – maybe it is just a lack of permissions to access documents (Publii should ask for it at start on macOS Catalina and if your refused the access – the app cannot access it):

    If the Catalina upgrade removed this folder content then the only solution is to start over again. Or check if you have any time machine backup made before the os upgrade.

    For such situations we have created the backups feature – uploading input files to the server is not a solution as it will make sync process much longer and can expose non-public data.

    Regarding WordFence – sorry – I have no idea what can be a reason, maybe your behaviours generates false positive alerts in this plugin.