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How to add a button in a post?

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    In the WYSIWG Editor there is a drop down box “Paragraph”. However all the Button entries like “Button default” “Button white”..  there are disabled.,.

    How can I enable them?

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    You can just insert a button picture there and add a link to that. This will work at least for custom links. (external links)

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    Insert a button picture is exactly what I dont want do do…

    There seems to be a bug and it should be fixed.

    Avatar photoBob
    Harald Krause wrote:

    There seems to be a bug and it should be fixed.

    It’s not. The UI of the post editor does not contain a button, only a button styling.
    First, add a button or link, then you’ll be able to apply the style from the “Paragraph” drop-down menu.

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    > First, add a button…

    And how does one do that?

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    If you select a link, and only the link, the button entry in the dropdown menu is enabled.

    To be honest I couldn’t figure it out either until Bob explained it above 🙂

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    Then there should be a function change there: Everything should be able to be “buttonized”.