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How to deactivate HTML tag sanitization?

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    I like Publii more and more!

    Now I’m stretching it to my need 🙂

    I call a JS script that calls other scripts locally.

    It runs fine if I add `` into the html code directly (into post1.html in the preview folder) but Publii deletes it when I add it into the html section of the post.

    BTW, it looks like <base> works fine even out of <head> in HTML (W3 doesn’t state that AFAIK).

    My script cannot be in media.files folder since I have multiple files with the same name (and different content) for various posts. That’s why I created a folder for each post.

    I totally understand why sanitization is necessary globally. Is there a way to deactivate some html tag sanitization? Or select what can pass it?