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How to get publii working after changing my Win 10 user profile name and folder

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    I recently changed my Windows 10 account username and updated my profile folder accordingly in order to get a programming tool working.

    The software package I needed to install wasn’t working properly due to a space and a special character in my user profile folder. After the update, I edited my environment variables to reflect the changes. I then tried to run Publii but it didn’t work. According to the error message, it was still looking for the profile folder at the previous location “C:\Users\First LAST\….” while the files are now located at “C:\Users\first\…..”. I tried reinstalling without any success. Trying to remove Publii related folders manually so that I can perform a fresh installation didn’t work either.

    Thus, I’m looking for a way to uninstall completely Publii to prevent the setup from looking for previous files when I run it.

    Publii CMS version : 0.36

    Thank you.