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How to import vanilla HTML web site into Publii

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    I have a fairly large web site (over 1500 pages) in bare bones HTML5/CSS and Javascript. I would like to convert it to Publii because I’m fed up of the hassle of trying to keep it responsive on multiple devices and GDPR compliant and so on. But I don’t really want to have to type the whole thing out again!

    I thought I might be able to import the HTML, but the nearest I can find is the block editor with HTML blocks. However, that looks like it can only really handle single paragraphs at a time reliably. Is there a better way?

    The original site is here if it helps:

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    I too had an old site that was on Blogger, like you I got fed up with the maintenance and the sometimes unhelpful way Google Blogger didn’t seem to be that well supported. I switched to Publii and it has been a bit of a revelation, I have to add I am not a coder, but managed to get my site up and running (surprisingly) really quickly.

    So, Publii offers several ways to Post you can use as you say Block Editor, but also Markdown Editor or WSIWYG Editor. I had several hundred posts and was able to copy the HTML from my Blogger Posts and simply paste it into the WYSIWYG Editor in Publii by the following steps:

    1. In Publii select Posts, then select the Add New Post button.
    2. From the drop down choose WYSIWYG Editor
    3. Once the Post form is loaded add in your Title and then choose the HTML button from the toolbar
    4. Simply paste your raw HTML Code in, it does have a ‘Beautify Code’ option (if you want it ‘tarted’ up)
    5. Select the Apply changes button and then choose Go Back and the code should be loaded in place
    6. Alternatively use the Markdown Editor and again paste in your HTML

    I admit in your case you may have to perform that a lot of times, but it is a lot quicker than typing it all out again. There is a Publii option to import but only from WordPress at the moment.

    Hope it may be of some help and looks like a really interesting website you have and would be nice to see it on Publii where it could get some ‘Publii Love’ 🙂

    Other than the suggestions I have made perhaps some of the other people on here may be able to give you some other advice (they are a friendly bunch!)


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    Maybe try importing your old HTML site into a temporary WordPress site. Then, once you have it there, export the WordPress site as a WXR file. Once you have a WXR file, in Publii, you can use the WXR import tool:

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    That’s what I’d try, too. But an import from web option would certainly be welcome in Publii, just like a Publii export function for some Publii coop action.