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How to redirect author page to a custom page?

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    I want to redirect the author page to a custom page on my website. I am using the Persona free theme, and my site is hosted on Netlify. I have already tried the “_redirects” method, but it didn’t work. Can anyone suggest another way to accomplish this?

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    I use this trick: in the website field I put a post ID number. It’s not elegant but it works.
    You need to edit the content of author.hbs
    Between header and footer I put this:

    {{#if website}} {{#getPosts website "" ""}} {{{text}}} {{/getPosts}} {{else}} {{{description}}} {{/if}}

    This shows the Post ID content instead of the author description.

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    Could you share how you formatted your _redirect file? I made one for my Netlify hosted site recently, so I might be able to help.

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    “You need to edit the content of author.hbs” I can’t find this 😐

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    In Publii: Click on the three vertical dots to the right of Publii, and select “App settings”. Scroll to “Files location” > “Sites location” and copy the folder path.

    Open that folder in your file explorer, go to the folder named after your site, and head to “input” > “themes” > [theme name]. author.hbs should be there.

    You may want to create a theme override.