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How to remove .html from url publii?

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    Avatar photokevin0425

    How to get rid from .html in Publii site URL?


    http://www.mydomain/page.html     into    http://www.mydomain/page.

    Avatar photoprivii

    Site settings > URLs > Use pretty URLs

    Avatar phototrox

    I tried what privii said:

    Site settings > URLs > Use pretty URLs

    and got this error:

    <span class=”html-tag”><Error></span>
    <span class=”html-tag”></span>AccessDenied<span class=”html-tag”></span>
    <span class=”html-tag”><Message></span>Access Denied<span class=”html-tag”></Message></span>
    <span class=”html-tag”><RequestId></span>JF26XZY9WAAY8HWZ<span class=”html-tag”></RequestId></span>
    <span class=”html-tag”><HostId></span>txpGx1a7WtTWLGkZFAgQZvtqWs9zPDuu+mlgaOVrTfQzxxDiWobkyo2AZekU5k6WmQQh6MEaogk=<span class=”html-tag”></HostId></span>
    <span class=”html-tag”></Error></span>
    Avatar photoTomasz Dziuda

    trox – it probably means that your hosting does not use index.html as default catalog index file

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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