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How to set up a a tag page

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    Avatar photovackor

    The documentation provides no example on how to correctly set up a tag page. I tried guessing it for a while and failed, can someone please give me a correct example? Thank you!

    Avatar photoakickindienutz

    Hey, hope I can help with this.

    So you can create tags on the posts you create by selecting the cog next to Save Draft and choosing Tags and entering your new tag. Or you can from the main sidebar menu select Tags and create them from there. For creating a page if you go to Menus and select Add A New Menu, give it a name e.g. All Tags, once created select the Add Menu Item button. Now create a Label for your Menu Item then in the Type Drop Down List choose Tags Link List and save the changes you should now have yourself a page that contains all the tags on your website.

    I hope that helps

    Cheers 🙂

    Avatar photovackor



    thanks for the reply. I can’t save a Tag Link without a Tag Page, which I still don’t know how to create:)

    Avatar photopublii-slpa

    There are only a few steps.

    One create a tag. You can do this by clicking the “tags” button on the left and then clicking the “add new tag” button on the right. I have marked my examples with a red rectangle.


    Create the tag as you like and save by clicking “add new tag” at the bottom of the dialog.

    Then, in your post, click the gear icon at the top.


    Then click “tags’ and choose the tag from the drop down.


    Click “save and close” at the top.

    You are done. When all of your tags are added and added to the posts, you would render your site (and deploy it ultimately) to see your work. Make adjustments if necessary.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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