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How to show in line photos on Simple theme front page

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    On the live preview of the Simple theme, the posts on the front page are full length with photos included. How is this accomplished? If I set the excerpt length to -1 or 9999 the full text is shown but still no photos within the post. I also see that I can include the featured image, but that isn’t what I’m looking for. Thank you.

    Avatar photoBob

    Look at the theme settings and make sure the featured image is enabled.


    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I don’t think that setting does what I am looking for. The photos on the live preview are a post image full and a post image wide shown on the front page. The featured image does not appear to be shown.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    It also appears to have all text and formatting from the post on the front page.

    Avatar photoBob

    I’m sorry. I didn’t understand what you were saying — can you clarify? Any explanation screenshot, video etc…

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    The Example displays everything on the front page exactly as it is on the post page


    Whereas mine with excerpt length set to -1 Has no formatting and no images shown and the full post shown without the last word


    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Is this a setting or more custom?

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Try adding a “Read more” to your posts in the post editor. This should turn everything above the “Read more” divider into a “custom excerpt” that Publii displays with formatting included.

    You’ll notice that the posts on the Live Preview of the Simple theme all have “Continue reading” links – this is why.