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I want to creat a mirror of publii documentation on snowblossom channel

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    it is a platfrom for creating decentralized website, (

    The url of the mirror is : http://localhost:8080/channel/chan:yvujnajpal7c0zclk9dwkv9ec650c2cuumv3f4ut or (you need to follow guide here to access )

    all I need is static htmls of the documentation, is it possible for someone from the team to provided that ?

    the base url need to be: http://localhost:8080/channel/chan:yvujnajpal7c0zclk9dwkv9ec650c2cuumv3f4ut perhaps.


    he base url for internal links need to be: http://localhost:8080/channel/chan:yvujnajpal7c0zclk9dwkv9ec650c2cuumv3f4ut for now


    or you team can try make a mirror yourself on it, if you want . it’s very easy

    i have created a basic site on it generated from getpublii,


    xwhere there’s a snowblossom discord group




    I think this is a very bad idea, in the context of SEO practices, to have a mirror project with the same content.

    Thank you for your suggestion/proposal, but unfortunately, I have to refuse to provide you with our documentation.

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    That’s ok! it’s similar to deep web/dark web , so google will never index that.

    And getpublii is very useful for create static sites on this platform.


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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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