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I want to run JavaScript on my pages

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    I’ve got some JavaScript doodads I want to run on my pages. They’re basic and self-contained scripts.

    I went looking for some information on this. I found  but I wasn’t sure if that was applicable to what I want to do.

    Am I missing the correct documentation? If someone can point me in the right direction I’ll take a pop at figuring it out myself.

    thank you.

    Avatar photoBob

    Just use the Custom HTML tool →

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    I’m sorry, I’m not sure that applies to what I’m doing. I want to put different scripts on different posts. This looks like it’s for HTML sitewide?

    You must think I’m quite stupid, I apologize.

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    I’m afraid, by default there is no way to put different scripts on different post pages.
    Custom HTML tool places your script/s in dedicated rooms like header, footer, body …

    You will have to play around with the post config option to create a dedicated “room” for your scripts and then you will be able to paste different codes into different posts.
    More about it:

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    Thank you. Would the simplest thing be to put all my scripts in one js file and apply that globally using the Custom HTML tool? They’re already set up as functions.

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    Upload your e.g. script_name.js using File Manager, then use the Custom HTML tool (move it to the footer) to add this file as follows:

    <script src="../../media/files/script_name.js"></script>
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