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Image copy and paste

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    When I insert an Image into the Editor and then cut it and Paste it  somewhere else in the same post it does not get rendered in the final webpage. But it does get rendered in the “Preview”

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    For me it is working fine – could you provide your post HTML code before and after copy and paste operation?

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    I tried to reproduce it, but it also works now. Strange..

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    If you will be able to reproduce it again – please let me know in this topic 🙂

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    I have observerd something similar. Maybe my description adds usefuk info.

    • I had two galleries in one post
    • Decided to split the two galleries into two post
    • Created to new posts
    • Copied gallery 1 into post 1
    • Copied gallery 2 into post 2
    • Preview on local PC looked okay and good
    • After uploading to the server (via Publii “Sync your Website”) neither post 1 nor post 2 showed the images. Just the skeleton of the cards.
    • Solved the problem by complete new generation of galery 1 and galery 2 in the post.

    Publii v.0.35.3 (build 12104) Beta
    Theme Mercury (v.

    Kind regards