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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I am newbie in modern web development.

    I want to use other photo gallery than Photoswipe, for instance, I want to use Bootstrap 4 to handle img

    I change the  img class to “img-fluid”, but the generated file changed it to <figure class=”img-fluid”>, so integrate Bootstrap 4 seems impossible if using the Publii build-in editor.

    Which responsive framework compatible with Publii?

    Avatar photoBob

    All the CSS frameworks are compatible with Publii. The semantic HTML output generated by Publii does not matter at this point.

    Publii generates some CSS classes that you should include in your design, more on this:

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    It is the CSS class that generated not compatible with Bootstrap CSS, I expected that I change the class by WYSIWYG editor, but the CSS in the generated HTML was replaced to Publii default, so I cannot utilize Bootstrap class.

    This is the HTML I put in the WYSIWYG HTML editor


    This is the generated HTML

    <figure class="img-fluid"> </figure>

    I cannot figure out how to fit Bootstrap CSS to the generated result.

    Avatar photoBob

    My take on this is that you should use the Bootstrap to build the theme, not to create content – theme users do not necessarily know how to use this framework.
    Publii is not a CSM based on Bootstrap so the output of generated CSS is different but only in the content area.

    BTW/ Bootstrap is ok for prototyping but to build lightweight and easy themes I wouldn’t decide on this choice.