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Implementing FAQPage Schema in tag page.

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    I am thinking of using a tag page for FAQs and would like to implement the FAQPage Schema. Most of what I need is relatively straight forward. In order to implement the schema code I would need to know if/or when I am processing the last post without consideration to the number of posts per pagination. In otherwords, I would need to continue with pagination in generating the HTML, however, would need to process all posts on the first page for FAQPage and specifically know when I am processing the last post.

    The only thing I see that appears to be helpful is @pagination.totalPosts – total number of posts.

    Any help or clues would be appreciated.

    Avatar photoBob

    Do you want to check if there is the last post to remove the comma from the JSON-LD?

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    Basically – that’s it. There are some changes in the code for the last couple of lines. I just need to be able to know when I get to the end.

    If I can crack that nut, I will worry about the rest after some poking around.


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    Try this one:

    <script type="application/ld+json">
             "@context": "",
             "@type": "FAQPage",
             "mainEntity": [ 
             {{#each posts}}
                {{#checkIf @index '>' 0}}, {{/checkIf}}
                   "@type": "Question",
                   "name": "{{title}}",
                   "acceptedAnswer": {
                   "@type": "Answer",
                   "text": "{{{ excerpt }}}"
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    Cool. Thanks!

    I will pinging on this later tonight.


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    I am trying to reply to this post with specific details but cannot. I am getting…

    Block Reason: A potentially unsafe operation has been detected in your request to this site

    I did use Code Insert to include the code I used and that may have been the reason why I was blocked. I tried again using the word “redacted” for the code term I suspected it was hitting on — I won’t repeat it here – JIC.

    Is there a safe way to include the code? I could, I suppose, make an image of it.

    Can you help??


    Avatar photoBob

    Until now we did not have too many such requests, so I think that the security settings are ok.  Anyway, yo can share with us a link to your code posted e.g.  on the Codepen

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    I edited the config.json and created a post-qa.hbs and tag-qa.hbs file for questions and answers (aka FAQs). Each works as you would expect.

    I have edited both,

    1. the post-qa.hbs to add the FAQPage code for that specific post — and that works fine
    2. the tag-qa.hbs to add the FAQPage code for all FAQ/Q&A posts — and that fails

    For the tag-qa.hbs file, I have tried both…

    and (I reedited this for this post and hopefully I did it right)

    and get…

    which shows like this…


    The code that is created looks fine to me except that I only get one of the three test QA/FAQs…

    So I have two problems now.

    1. The code I created for the tag page is not cycling through all of the posts on the FAQ tag page — I get just one.
    2. The HTML code is somehow broken and I cannot see the reason why at this point.

    I did notice that Publii removes the formatting/tabs/new line of the page except for my code — I wondered if this could be a part of the problem.

    I looked at this last night and could not see the problems. I am sure they are staring me in the face! I will look at it again tonight for anything amiss.

    Cheers for your help.

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    The code from my previous message should be embedded in the head.hbs file
    Then you can control where it is displayed by {{is}} helper

    Most likely you have a problem with the wrong context on the tag page right now.

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    I will modify my work tonight or tomorrow morning and see what I can come up with. I am a semi-retired technologist and a landlord by day. I have to get an apartment ready for a new tenant or I would ping on this right now. 😉

    Thanks for your quick replies.

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    Thanks for all of your guidance!

    For the sake of all those who read this, here is what I did.

    I copied the partials/head.hbs and pasted it to partials/head-qa.hbs. You can use what name you want of course.

    I copied the tag.hbs and pasted it to tag-qa.hbs. You can use what name you want of course.

    In tag-qa.hbs, I changed…

    {{> head}}


    {{> head-qa}}

    …to use the new header.

    I created a questions and answers tag.

    I set all question and answer posts to use the questions and answers tag and set the main tag to questions and answers.

    I then edited the head-qa.hbs file and just before the…


    … I added the following code

    I am not sure if I should also do this for each post. I just might. Any advice on this is appreciated.

    It may suffice to just include the FAQPage Schema to the Questions and Answers tag page.


    Mods: It may be a good idea to include the code pen code directly in this post in case it gets lost. If you can, please do so.