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Importing content from Wix

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    Hi guys!!

    SO AMAZING what you have made really! It’s so good, efficient, well documented, simple and just works…

    I’ve been a web developer for 7 years, and I think this is a moment where we should celebrate 🙂

    Anyways, I’m going to move my dear friend Will’s website to another solution and I’m almost personally convinced that it should be with Publii… You should check what he’s doing, it’s amazing:

    His current site is built with Wix, and for me it’s no problem to import pages manually. But I thought I’d give you a shout as I think this, by all means, won’t be the only site to be imported from Wix…

    Are you in thoughts of doing something like the WP importer – like Wix importer?? It’d be great I think!



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    Thank you for the warm words about Publii 🙂

    At this moment we have no plans for such importer (mainly due many other important features to do), maybe if the amount of requests will increase – we will try to prepare it 🙂

    The only solution which I see is following:

    1) Export your Wix site to empty WordPress instance:

    2) Then prepare WXR file from that WordPress

    In my opinion it should be enough at this moment 🙂

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    Yes, Wix unfortunately does not wanna make it easy to get out of them. They obviously wanna lock in users, which I pity.

    The only way it seems to get the posts via RSS feed like in this article, which will surely help us… Though pages have to be migrated manually…

    Thanks though!