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Indie author theme

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    I use the Publii Starter theme for my blog but I’m also dabbling in writing and selling fiction. Is there a possibility you guys will ever design an indie author template geared towards displaying and selling a library of books? I’ve looked on the marketplace but as good as all the templates are, I don’t think there’s anything that really fits the bill at the minute.

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    I notice my last post got deleted. I assume because it had links to wordpress themes? It was never my intention to post spam if that’s why it got deleted. So apologies. It was just to show an example of the kind of theme that I’m talking about.

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    How about using something like . In your situation, I would definitely consider the “Sources” theme.

    You can of course, choose your own colour mix in all of the Publii themes.

    Maybe add a shopping cart like “Snipcart” onto the detail pages – example: and it could all work really well.

    There’s a rough and ready example of using Snipcart with Publii at:

    But I can also visualise how quite a few of the themes at: work equally well.

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    Change Download button with Buy now and you have static ecommerce 🙂

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    Nice 🙂