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Info color themes Editorial or Persona

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    Avatar photocarlosdasilva

    Good morning a simple information I think.
    I am undecided on which of the two themes to purchase. I would like to know one thing if on both of them I can change the colors without intervening on css or html but doing this but options thema.
    Editorial and Persona I saw that they have a number of color suggestions. But are those only or can I modify according to my taste from thema_ options.


    Avatar photoprivii

    You can change them in options. Just download the free version of Persona and give it a try. It has a “Violet” preset and a “Custom” option where you change the colors yourself.

    Avatar photocarlosdasilva

    I thank you for the answer but I did some tests just on the free Persona theme using the custom option and changing the colors for example if I view it with a resolution and size of a smartphone device menu option is almost not visible and once opened it is dark and you can’t see the various options I tried remodifying several times and it always gives me the same. It should be transparent or white.
    That’s the reason for my question
    Then there is also the problem there of the image that on the post list is well displayed on the post is cut off.
    I would like to purchase a theme that does not complicate my life. Of the Editorial theme being paid I have no chance to do any testing. The Persona free theme however has limitations and maybe because of these limitations it gives me the error first which it would not give in the paid version.
    I honestly love Persona even though it may not be the most suitable.
    Thanks for the help

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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