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Install handlebars-layout

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    The topic title says all: how can I install this npm module and compile with it?

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    I do not understand a reason of your question and what do you want to achieve – could you elaborate?

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    Hi! Thanks for answering. I thought it was clear, my fault.

    I wish I could use helpers like this while making my theme:

    `{{#extend [partial] [context] [key=value …]}}`

    Or, also: `{{#embed}}`, `{{#block [name]}}`  and the others included in handlebars-layout npm package.

    I’m used to write themes in jinja2 and this kind of helpers would be very useful to me.

    Do you know how I should install this package in Publii in order to enable those helpers?

    Thanks again

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    Sorry but this kind of change cannot be made externally – it needs a changes in the core Publii files. And to be honest I do not see a necessity to add such syntax.

    Handlebars supports similar features:

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    Hmm, I see. Thanks! I’ll try doing my theme without these functions.

    In order to install this package, I tried to build Publii from source with npm but it failed every time. But that’s another problem, thanks again for answering.