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interactive timeline / visual storytelling with publii

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    Hi Publii,

    Do you may have any idea how to create visual storytelling /interactive timeline with publii?

    I would like to add live feed with texts, images and videos. I’m working on a non-profit educational visual storytelling for kids and looking for and open source solution.  Publii looks great for this. Can you add this feature to your theme/plugin repo?

    Do you may have any suggestion, how to do this the easiest way with publii?


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    In the existing Publii Themes list, there’s the Art Gallery theme. This includes a neat ‘Timeline’ concept, demo example at: . Using the timeline tag, the theme presents posts through a timeline. Each of the posts can of course include a main image, text, and video inserts, like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. So that’s one possibility. Other Publii themes might have similar possibilities too.