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Invalid URLs generated in the sitemap

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    In the sitemap there are generated locations for second and subsequent pages of tag pages. For example, a location generated in my sitemap is:

    whereas the real location where the content is generated is

    Since I have a lot of tags, it is a lot of effort to manually correct these every time I regenerate the site.

    Is this bug known and is this in progress for a fix?

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    I will address this issue in v.0.38.2:

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    Hi again,

    I have found a reason – in your specific configuration – with disabled Pretty URLs and when tag pages have no prefix, your problem appears. It will be solved in v.0.38.2 🙂

    Additionally I have found another issue where settings regarding noindex for pagination were ignored and Publii always generated pagination URLs for your configuration, regardless of the pagination indexation settings.