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Is Publii suited to building templates from scratch without using themes?

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    Avatar photomaa

    Should I choose Publii if I don’t want to use themes in any way and want to build my sites from scratch. It uses Handlebars templating system right.

    Avatar photojakobpersson

    No, you’d have more freedom if you use Jekyll or another static site generator. Publii is rather opinionated and not a full CMS. It has no concept of pages and provides no GUI for page layout. I chose Publii because blogging using it is easy and it renders beautiful and fast-loading pages.

    Avatar photoBob

    Publii is more a blog-oriented static CMS, but this does not mean that it only supports blog sites, you can create other, still simple but a different than a blog:

    It has no concept of pages

    Publii has built-in support for pages called Hidden post – it creates a “static page” that is excluded from any post listings, it also supports custom templates, so you can define your own HTML structure.

    If you need a more comprehensive solution for your needs, I agree with @jakobpersson you should use a different static generator.

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    Avatar photoVerhoeckx

    I’m using Publii now for a couple of weeks and I would say that it’s perfectly possible to create a custom website with it! It’s not so much different than any other CMS. They all use a template language to bind the user content with the HTML/CSS/JS code. I guess you can create all kind of websites with it! It’s just normal HTML/CSS/JS code! The only thing you can’t do with Publii (or any other static website generator) is processing a form or searching the website. But that’s it (I guess)!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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