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Is Publii suited to building templates from scratch without using themes?

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    Should I choose Publii if I don’t want to use themes in any way and want to build my sites from scratch. It uses Handlebars templating system right.

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    No, you’d have more freedom if you use Jekyll or another static site generator. Publii is rather opinionated and not a full CMS. It has no concept of pages and provides no GUI for page layout. I chose Publii because blogging using it is easy and it renders beautiful and fast-loading pages.

    Avatar photoBob

    Publii is more a blog-oriented static CMS, but this does not mean that it only supports blog sites, you can create other, still simple but a different than a blog:

    [anonymous] wrote:

    It has no concept of pages

    Publii has built-in support for pages called Hidden post – it creates a “static page” that is excluded from any post listings, it also supports custom templates, so you can define your own HTML structure.

    @maa If you need a more comprehensive solution for your needs, I agree with @jakobpersson you should use a different static generator.

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    I’m using Publii now for a couple of weeks and I would say that it’s perfectly possible to create a custom website with it! It’s not so much different than any other CMS. They all use a template language to bind the user content with the HTML/CSS/JS code. I guess you can create all kind of websites with it! It’s just normal HTML/CSS/JS code! The only thing you can’t do with Publii (or any other static website generator) is processing a form or searching the website. But that’s it (I guess)!