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Is Publii suited to content heavy sites?

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]


    As the title says ‘Is Publii suited to content heavy sites?’

    (and I guess the same question for static sites in general – previously used a flat file CMS – really like the look of Publii, so wondering how well static sites scale)

    What do I mean by content heavy?

    Two examples, curious if a static site is suited in both these cases, I worry about the impact over time if there is a lot of content.

    – a blog with maybe 5 to 7 posts per day, potentially thousands of posts on the site over time. (Editorial theme, with images included on posts)

    – a list/archive type site, again with potentially thousands of entries over time (Documentation theme, mostly text, little or no images on the site)


    Avatar photoBob


    Publii is dedicated and more oriented for the small blog, portfolios website. There is no problem with building an extensive blog but you have to remember that the rendering process of thousands of posts may take some time.

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    Hi Bob, thanks for the info and feedback.

    With regards to ‘paid’ themes like Editorial or Documentation – do these have to be purchased first or is there any way to compare and play around with them within Publii before purchasing one?

    Avatar photoBob

    We do not offer the trial version of commercial themes. You can see/check how the Publii themes work by using one of the free themes like Simple, Tattoo or Technews.

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    Great, thanks again.