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Is there a helper that points to the theme override directory?

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    Hello Publii Developers,

    Instead of using the content delivery network of Font Awesome I want to add the CSS en JS files locally to my website. I put the files in the CSS and JS  directory of the theme override. Now my question: how can I generate the addresses to these folders?

    For example: the location of the CSS file is:


    The helper {{css}} point to the CSS directory of the official theme (/taste/assets/css).

    Is there a helper that I can use to point to the theme override directory (/taste-override/)?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Good point – there are no such helper, but we should add it – I will try to do it in the nearest release 🙂

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    Hello Tomasz,

    Ah, that would be great!!

    Thanks in advance!


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    For your information – fix for this issue will be included in v.0.37:

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    Oh, that’s great!

    I was already wondering if this feature was added or not.

    Totally different question:

    Is there a plan to add the ability to add tables in the new Block Editor?