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Is there a way to add more options to the post editor settings?

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I would like to ask if there is a sidebar next to the main editor when I create a new post. Where you can change the post status, you can add a Featured Image… And at the bottom is More Options where you can set different things. Mostly with a drop down menu, they have 3 options: Global, Disabled, Enabled.

    Is it possible to include such a dropdown menu in this area?
    1, It would be nice to have an e.g. Disable or enable top navigation for individual posts.

    2, Then it would be good to do this with Footer as well.

    By doing so, you can actually end up with an almost completely blank page.
    (Which would also serve well as a kind of sales page, for example.)

    Also, it would be nice to add a separate css option here so that I can set the margin of the page to full width.
    Let’s say with the help of a slider like the one used to adjust the font size. I could adjust the width of the page by moving it to the right or left.

    Now suddenly so many questions have arisen, I trust that there is a solution.

    The theme template used is: Technews

    Thank you very much and thank you
    László Balk

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    I started working on this problem and managed to remove the main menu as shown below.
    I made a copy of the post.hbs file in this folder.
    And I renamed it to post-page.hbs.
    In this new file, I deleted the {{> top}} element on line 2 and the {{> footer}} element at the end of the file.

    I then modified this section in the config.json file:

    "postTemplates": {
    "alternative": "No sidebar"


    "postTemplates": {
    "alternative": "No sidebar",
    "page": "Without top menu and footer"

    When publii was restarted, the “No top menu and footer” option could be selected in the post editor.

    I inserted a short text and an image as well as a video into the content.

    When I rendered the file, the image and video did not appear.

    Then I disabled the Lazy load option in the settings.

    Thus, the text and image have already appeared in the content, but not in the video.
    Then I put the {{> footer}} element back in the post-page.hbs file.
    Then all the text, images and videos appeared.

    However, the footer is there.

    So besides adjusting the width of the content, my only question is removing the footer.

    I can remove the top main menu with this method, separately for each post.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    László Balk

    Avatar photoBob
    1. All post config options are described here:
    2. Remove only the HTML part from the footer, the embedded files require a script to work correctly, so do not remove them. You can do this, but you also need to get rid of some CSS rules that stylize iframes, videos, images, etc.
    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hi Bob,
    I don’t understand that.

    Remove only the HTML part from the footer,

    Could you explain in more detail what I should take from here?
    From the post-page.hbs file you created as a copy.
    In some samples, if you could present them.

    Grateful thanks
    László Balk

    Avatar photoBob
    Balk Laszlo wrote:

    Could you explain in more detail what I should take from here?

    Maybe I have expressed myself wrong; just leave the scripts in the footer file.