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Lightweight mmenu.js menu tree with search within menu items

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    If you could please consider adding the lightweight menu from to Publii. We would get an advanced tree menu to make a whole knowledgebase website with the excellent search within the menu item titles themselves, though I know full search is coming and I agree that full search is more important. Thanks.

    Avatar photoBob

    This is completely not related to the app, but to the theme, so you can implement it in your theme on your own.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Thanks. Could you please consider adding it to one of your existing themes or a new theme in the future? Since it includes instant menu item search, we could add all our posts in the menu and it could at least search the post titles in the menu itself, which is one of the features (title search) you are planning to add in the FlexiSearch as I read.

    Also, if I need a custom mobile theme like a type mobile layout with compact thumbs on left and title on the right, do I contact you through the customization page? Do you have the time presently for customization requests and what would a rough budget for a custom mobile theme which I don’t mind that you can sell on your marketplace too even if I pay for it?

    Avatar photoBob

    At this moment I do not plan to implement this kind of feature. We use our own, plain javascript menu.

    In terms of your request, yes, we can do that but not early that in the end of January.